Yak Channel has an affiliate advertising relationship with Amazon and, thus, will occasionally link to a product that we mention. As such, we get a little something in the ol’ tip jar when readers click on an affiliate link in a post that leads them to Amazon. But, two things to note: (a) we include a disclosure statement at the bottom of on every post when buying an item we link to in the post would generate a commission, (b) if a podcast guest has a product to sell, say, an album or a book, we’ll link to the place that helps them out the most (usually their own website), so just about the only place you’re gonna see any affiliate links will be in random stuff that randomly comes up in conversation, but not on the thing the guest is promoting.

Further, we absolutely do not link to particular products or encourage hosts to book specific guests in order to receive affiliate commission, but rather, we later add affiliate links when it makes sense after we post a given podcast. Sometimes that means zero links, sometimes that means a handful of them.

Just wanted to let you know.


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