Taco night with ‘Beardo’ creator Dan Dougherty (Car Con Carne)

One of my favorite comic strips is “Beardo,” the daily cartoon mirror of creator Dan Dougherty’s life. I started up a bromance with Dan months ago at the C2E2 comic book convention, and the culmination of it finds him sitting shotgun for Car Con Carne.

We visit the Greektown location of Chicago-area chain Taco Burrito King, a favorite with the late-night drinking crowd. I make a mess of myself (it’s hard to eat food and do a podcast at the same time) while talking with Dan about his successful Kickstarter for “Touching Evil,” “Beardo,” the craft behind strip-writing, the awesomeness of “The Crow” movie soundtrack, Stone Temple Pilots and rock and roll. Well, mostly rock and roll. He talks a lot about En Vogue.

(Epic Deli gets a shout-out, too.)

Touching Evil

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