Toronzo Cannon brings the blues to the backseat (Car Con Carne)

Chicago bluesman Toronzo Cannon jumps in the backseat just as his Alligator Records debut, “The Chicago Way” is about to drop. He brings his resonator guitar along to play stunning acoustic versions of “Walk It Off,” “Pain Around Me” and “Strength to Survive.”

We eat at La Unica in Edgewater. It’s a supermercado on Devon Avenue with a cafeteria tucked in the back. Totally hidden. Totally gritty. Totally authentic. Kind of awesome.

During the course of recording, Cannon talks blues history, what it was like to headline the Blues Festival, his approach to the new album and a handful of influences that may surprise you (including Devo).

Oh, and someone comes to the passenger window with a question.

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