‘Kiss my glass!’ Wine Channel TV host uncorks knowledge over pizza (Car Con Carne)

Wine Channel TV host/sommelier/wine judge Jessica Altieri jumps in the Mazda 3 to eat pizza from Dough Bros in River North and answer some key questions:

  • What’s a good wine for spring drinking?
  • What kind of wine should you drink with artichoke pizza? (Selfish question: That’s what I was eating in the car.)
  • Is there a future in car-based food podcasting?

We talk about her path to TV host, starting as a basketball-playing jock and ending up on camera with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Kiss My Glass” (Jessica’s wine guide for everyday, non-snooty wine drinkers) is discussed, too.

I also make the observation that Jessica’s like a specific Talking Heads song, which leads me to wonder in hindsight which Talking Heads song I am.

And did you know Walgreens has wine ambassadors? Jessica used to be one.

(The above post contains an affiliate link to Amazon.com. Please see disclosure statement for more information.)

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