Ribfest Chicago preview at BBQ King with guest Eric Kristensen of 101 WKQX (Episode 231)

This week, it’s a preview of this year’s Chicago Ribfest, happening June 14-16. The Mazda lands in bucolic Huntley, Illinois for a visit to BBQ King, one of the many fine restaurants participating in Ribfest.

It’s a full house this week, as I’m joined by BBQ King owner Jason Szmurlo, Ribfest spokesperson Brad Ball and my radio pal/101 WKQX co-worker Eric Kristensen.

Discussed on this week’s show:

  • We eat way too much food from BBQ King. We’re not complaining. The burnt ends are amazing.
  • The burnt ends rub is surprising… perhaps because of the Italian seasoning.
  • We take the burnt ends bareback.
  • We wore our fat pants for the recording. No regrets.
  • The Pretzel Bomb landed BBQ King on terrorist watch lists.
  • We got wet naps delivered right to the car!
  • The music line-up at Ribfest is awesome.
  • You can likely find a mate at Ribfest.
  • Why are men shamed for cargo shorts?
  • Jason and Eric went to high school together, and talk about what they were like back then.
Car Con Carne is presented by The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston. Autobarn-AEM-Stacked-RGB (1)

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