Come for the Lamb; Leave with the Dinosaur (Contest of Challengers)

Markisan Naso joins Patrick for a wide-ranging conversation that covers it all!
Designing a comic-themed beer!
Earlier years of comic book journalism and Darwyn Cooke.
Of course they plug Challengers’ upcoming Voracious signing with Markisan and Jason Muhr on Saturday, June 22 (11am – 3pm). I mean, they’d be fools NOT to!!
What IS Voracious about, anyway? Eating dinosaurs? What?
How Markisan and Jason became a creative team.
Which animals have you eaten? Taco Bell, and wrestling.
The inspirational properties of Grant Morrison. And mead.
The great runs of Thor.
Finding the perfect color artist.
Free stuff you can get at the above-mentioned signing!

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