Selling Comics the Analog Way. (Contest of Challengers)

It is very difficult to sell comics when the device you use to sell said comics does not function.

…and other computer problems for the day.
The liberating feeling of having a problem you cannot solve, and just accepting that and moving on with your day.
Marvel’s just-announced Savage Avengers comic seems like a dumb idea on the surface, but we were all 10 years old once, and it’ll probably do well for them.
Challengers readers seem to be unimpressed with the current run of Justice League.
No love for undersea kingdoms or spaced-out cosmic deities here, nor fantasy comics.
Challengers is in a “Little Bird” sales battle with All Star Comics in Melbourne!
Our “I Love You But I’ve Chosen Comics” sale turned out okay after all.
How to surface the comic-buying experience via a new website layout.
We’re doing a midnight release for Detective Comics #1000.
Alita: Battle Angel was more enjoyable of a movie than either of us expected.

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