Best of Media Guests, Volume One (Car Con Carne)

This week, it’s a look back at some of Car Con Carne’s best media guests.

In this podcast (presented by Boost Mobile), I revisit great moments with:

  • Matt Pinfield. The ex-MTV legend talks about music “guilty pleasures.”
  • WXRT DJ Johnny Mars. We talk about when I replaced Johnny at XRT, and a silly prank I pulled that ended up taking on a life at its own.
  • Abe Kanan, Tim Virgin and Bass. Three of my most-frequent radio colleagues (and repeat guests, one and all) join me in conversation about the overreaction to celebrity deaths. Warning: NSFW words in this segment!
  • Amy Guth. Media titan Amy Guth joins me for puns and talk about online harassment.
  • 103.9 The Fox (DJ/boss) Alex Quigley. My first guest on this incarnation of Car Carne!
  • Mancow. What does Mancow see in his future?
  • 101 WKQX midday host Lauren O’Neil. We talk about a concert memory of hers that ties directly into the present day.
  • Sirott and Murciano. Chicago media’s power couple join me for Cuban food and the harrowing story of how Marianne Murciano’s family escaped Cuba!

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