Chicago band The Giving Moon is given encased meats (Car Con Carne)

Chicago indie band the Giving Moon joins me this week for encased meets from Jr’s Red Hots (2345 W. Armitage).

Discussed on this week’s show (which is sponsored by Boost Mobile):

  • You never want to use the napkins packed with hot dogs.
  • The band’s epic 2-song performance in the Chicago finals of the national #next2rock competition.
  • The backseat band members are also the Car Con Carne IT department.
  • Sean is a horrifically messy eater. He “makes everything messy.”
  • Feeding bands is part of my community outreach.
  • Is the band’s name spiritual?
  • The band’s history, and abiding love for classic rock
  • Where does inspiration hit?
  • We learned one interesting fact about each band member, including the band member who legitimately never learned how to tie his shoes.
  • Favorite movies? I name 4 of mine.


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