The 2 modes of Challengers (Contest of Challengers)

It’s next week’s episode of Contest of Challengers six days early!
Another midnight release event? Um, pass.
Koyama Press is ceasing publication in 2021, but Annie Koyama will still be an important patron of the comic book arts.
Bongo Comics is also ceasing publication, in October.
Watching new-to-comic-shops customers discover Challengers is pure joy.
Comedian Jim Jefferies went to San Diego and filmed a piece about diversity…
American white people don’t like being called “White people.”
There’s yet another new comic-con in Chicago, ACE, in October.
We announce a new Ryan Browne event here, first!
For more information (or to maybe donate) about the Alzheimer’s 5K Patrick is participating in in September, go to

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