Exclusive Comics for Wal Mart (not Comic Shops) (Contest of Challengers)

Two new waves of Marvel Legends figures have been selling very well.
If you overlooked The Hard Place in its 6-issue run, the trade is out now and it’s worth a look.
3rd week in a row we talk about Game Stop– they just keep giving us reason to!
How video games are played vs. how comic books are consumed.
DC Comics is selling original Tom King Superman and Brian Michael Bendis Batman comics exclusively in Wal Mart stores. How do you think we react to that??
DC’s Black Label books will not necessarily be in traditional comic book formats.
We may hate to admit it, but stocking the DC “B” covers has been beneficial.
Lots of Merchandise restock is on the way… posters, pins, buttons, single issue all-ages comics, as well as a NEW Challengers bookmark! We’re really happy with it (but we’re ALWAYS happy with them).
The monthly ordering process is really disheartening for Patrick.

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