2 days, 2 stages and 40 bands: Talking DZ Fest with Ben Aruguelles (and eating subs from Peppo’s)

This week’s guest is DZ Records impresario Ben Arguelles, who’s getting ready to launch this year’s DZ Fest (July 7 & July 8). DZ Fest has become a must-attend, totally DIY, 2-day event… at his house.

On this episode (sponsored by BOOST MOBILE), we discuss:

  • Staging a 2-day DIY festival in his backyard: 2 days, 2 stages, 40 bands. (“Setting up is always a crazy time.”)
  • I don’t know my neighbors, and DZ Fest drives home the shame I feel.
  • Having a beard and eating messy food: The enjoyment of having the same meal twice!
  • Our food was from south side sub institution Peppo’s. The secret of Peppo’s? “The guts” (“it’s a messy meal”)
  • Starting DZ Fest in 2012: Did Ben think at the time that he was biting off more than he could chew?
  • Staging DZ Fest: From stage-building to wiring the electricity.
  • “People are watching, and they’re probably repulsed by me.”
  • The DZ Fest booking process: Are bands offering themselves up as much as Ben’s chasing them down?
  • Has anyone tried to co-opt or move DZ Fest to a new location?
  • Ben’s roommates: Hamm’s drinkers.
  • Who will be the “sleeper” band at this year’s DZ Fest “You mean a band you sleep through?” “No!”

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