Reverend Horton Heat becomes Reverend Horton Eat – Jim Heath and I chow down on Billy Goat burgers (CCC) 

Jim Heath (Reverend Horton Heat) jumps in my car for burgers at Billy Goat Tavern (430 N. Michigan – Lower Level) and conversation about his long and awesome career.

You can watch the video of us driving to Billy Goat here!

We chat about:

  • Rev’s love affair with Chicago (“What’s the number one city in the world? Chicago’s either got to be that, or number two”)
  • “Let Me Teach You How to Eat” and its hot video
  • Rev’s love affair with mid-century American culture
  • The time Rev met Johnny and June Carter Cash
  • The first song Rev learned how to play on guitar
  • The Rev’s lyrics (including my personal favorite)
  • Radio has never known what to do with the Reverend Horton Heat
  • The story of “Spooky Boots”
  • Chicago and Texas blues – How both influence and inspire Rev
  • Rev’s relationship with BBQ (“It’s a great part of Americana”)
  • Why Rev enjoys playing music more now than when he was younger
  • The mid-90s era, and the album Reverend Horton Heat worked on with Al Jourgensen (“Liquor in the Front”)
  • The Boost Mobile Social Media Message of the Week comes from listener Noah
  • The Rev’s relationship with social media

Thanks for listening, and tell a friend!



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