‘Dystopian’ Chicago band Replicant eats poutine, talks Cold Waves (Car Con Carne)

This week, I eat poutine from the Donermen food truck with the members of Replicant. They jumped in the Mazda 3 right after their performance at the annual Cold Waves festival this year.

Replicant and I talked about:

  • Playing Cold Waves at Metro
  • The industrial/Cold Waves community
  • I didn’t get enough food for the entire band
  • Their dystopian music and their dystopian hometown
  • The band’s inspiration as they were coming up
  • The pervasive influence of Wax Trax!
  • The one social media URL that vexes their sense of consistency

Please let a friend know about Car Con Carne! It’s everywhere you find podcasts!

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