Tinder disasters, radio stories and cheeseburger revelations: WLUP’s Lyndsey Marie (Car Con Carne)

I’m joined by cheeseburger enthusiast/WLUP co-worker Lyndsey Marie for a trip to
Little Bad Wolf (1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago, IL 60660).

Lyndsey takes her burgers seriously, which is why I left it up to her to pick this week’s location. And sure enough, she knocked it out of the park. Besides our shared love for the “Bad” burgers (double burgers with mayo and pickle on a brioche bun), we also talk about:

*Lyndsey’s Tinder experiences (“I hate myself, so I Tinder”). She even shares some of the rogues gallery she’s had to swipe past lately (“looking for Ms. Right… or Ms. Right Now”).
*The cruelty of Weight Watchers frozen dinners (“that’s a whole new level of self-hatred”)
*The magnificent functionality and selection of the Loop’s vending machine
*The transformation of the Andersonville neighborhood
*Lyndsey’s famous Detroit-area neighbor
*How Lyndsey scored her first radio gig (a pantsuit was involved)
*The traditional radio model for hiring interns (80% hot girls)
*Our (separate) experiences at the Pink Pony strip club in Atlanta
*That time when Lyndsey’s dog ate medical marijuana
*The classic rock band we both can’t stand
*The “Ravinia experience”
*The police decide to take a look at what we’re doing

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