‘You never think you’re gonna be somebody’s favorite band’ – Knox Hamilton on JBTV

“You never think that you’re gonna be somebody’s favorite band… when you see the comebacks it’s crazy to see that loyalty”- Knox Hamilton makes their first music television appearance on the JBTV stage!

From Little Rock, Arkansas– the brothers Boots and Cobo Copeland, along with their bandmates Drew Buffington and Taylor Flynn (AKA Knox Hamilton), swing by the JBTV studio to chat with Jerry. The interview takes us on a journey through Knox Hamilton’s formation, writing their first songs together, getting signed, and starting their touring career. They chat about getting their name from a yearbook in a thrift store, growing up singing old school hymnals and the loyalty of their “Familton” fan base. Tune in to also find out which pop star likes their song “Washed Up Together” and some of their musical influences. You’ll also get to hear the backstory of all of their feel-good, dance-inducing tunes.

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