Boxing Day means UPS loses your boxes, right? (Contest of Challengers)

Happy Holidays from Challengers!

The Holiday buying season is in full swing!
How do YOU shop for gifts? In-store? Online? Outsource?
Gift-giving is way more Patrick’s thing than Dal’s.
Helping people find Christmas presents, especially when they’re not familiar with comic shops, is kind of the best thing.
You should totally eat at the Haywood Tavern!!
The best way to ask if we have something in stock is to call the store, not to hit us up on social media.
Patrick figures out the % of subscribers that have yet to be in in December.
Patrick finds a thing on that is on sale for $19 when Challengers has it for sale at $75. What does he do?
It wouldn’t be Christmas without a missing box of product! Thanks, UPS!
Have you seen Justice League Action?

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