Foot Fist Frankenstein (Contest of Challengers)

It’s a bonus mid-week episode!
Comic creator Tom Kelly joins Patrick to talk about all the things that go into making your own graphic novel!
Going to school to study graphic design. Getting a job in graphic design. Going back to school to study comic art. Making comic art! Setting up at conventions. Drawing Hello Kittys. Running a Kickstarter campaign!
And so much more!
You can check out the Foot Fist Frankenstein Kickstarter here:

FOOT FIST FRANKENSTEIN is a 120-page hardcover graphic novel that blends together Monsters, Comic Books and Martial Arts movies. Foot Fist Frankenstein is an action adventure revenge story, think John Wick meets the Hulk by way of Kung Fu theater. It’s the story of a monster, who after finally finding happiness and peace, has it cruelly ripped away and the revenge mission he undertakes as a result.

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