Batman Has Our Back (Contest of Challengers)

Recorded with a Q-Mic! Can you hear the difference? We say we’re not going to talk about Blue this week, but we totally talk about Blue this week. This was recorded on Dal’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Dal! We’re very excited for our Glow signing to happen because we’re fans of the creators. We’re MORE excited for our Glow signing to happen so all of the phone calls will stop. Denying yourself something until you feel you’re earned it, instead of living your life. Daniel Warren Johnson is the first creator signing at BOTH locations in the same day! Whereas Brian Crowley will be the first signing we host at Blue. Are the comics coming out the week of Christmas enough to make people want to make the trip in on a holiday week? Dal digs Image’s Olympia. It feels like less “Conversation” happens in Challengers pertaining to actual comic series. The theme of Tom King’s Batman, as succinctly summed up by Dal. Diamond has a lot of programs to help new stores/new locations, and Dal got to figure them all out! R.I.P. Tom Lyle.

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