The Paradigm Shift (Contest of Challengers)

Do you have Faith?

Are you watching Stumptown? We like it. 

The X-Men #1 Midnight Release was a fun success. That leads us to remember the fandom that once saw us go to midnight events outside of the comics industry.

More people are adding all 6 Dawn of X titles, but will they STAY on them?

DC Comics January 2020 new announcements.

Kevin Feige is the new Chief Creative Officer (or Ossifer) of all Marvel. Movies AND Publishing. Is it a paradigm shift??

We, and the comics industry as a whole, owe Jeff Smith a huge thank you. Netflix making a Bone show is a good start.

Chicago Teachers—we support you!!

We went to West Town Academy to help a TV Production class.

Tickets for our AJ Mendez/Aimee Garcia signing are available here:

Kent Fremon has a vinyl toy art show at Galerie F on Friday, October 25! More info here:

The Paradigm Shift (Contest of Challengers)

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