We Looked Down (Contest of Challengers)

The Batman’s Grave #1 is good. Doctor Doom #1 is also good!

X-Men #1 is out next week (at midnight) but what are the other Dawn of X books going to be about? We don’t know.

Luke Healy is coming to teach a fun cartooning workshop at Challengers!

We have a date for our AJ Lee & Aimee Garcia GLOW vs The Babyface signing! And a time!

What is DC Comics’ 5G? Fifth Generation? 

Marvel uses the ghost of Stan Lee to take shots at comic book continuity. 

Marvel took a ton of flack for Sam Wilson Captain America, Riri Williams Iron Man (Heart), etc., won’t DC encounter the same?

Who replaces whom?

We’re excited for Legion of Super-Hero flight rings! But not excited to explain who the Batman Who Laughs is.

This week’s Amazing Spider-Man has checklists for both Absolute Carnage and 2099. How many Spider-Events can happen at the same time? Or just events, plural from one publisher?

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