Ship(ping) $hape (Contest of Challengers)

DC is making a Svengoolie/MeTV promo comic. How can we get a store signing for that?

Thank you for all the ALZ5K donations! Patrick survived.

Some titles just shouldn’t ship in the same week as other.

A follow-up on last week’s discussion on damaged comics.

The ridiculous math that is Diamond Comic Distributors’ shipping fees. Seriously, we throw out some actual numbers—see if you can follow along. We can’t.

A disconnect between the WWE Network and iTunes subscriptions.

We wrote a few pages in a new comics retail guide, “Selling Comics.” It’s like people think we know what we’re doing, or something.

Gustavo Duarte is coming back to Challengers, all the way from Brazil!!

What does Dal really think of the JJ Abrams “Spider-Man” #1?

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