A doctor, a Pope and a surly frontman walk into a car: Car Con Carne EPISODE 250

It’s the anniversary episode! For #250, I’m joined by three returning all-time favorites, who all happen to be Chicago punk rock legends: Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes), Daryl Wilson (Bollweevils) and Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie).

We met up at a taco place in Naperville (the swingers’ capital of the Midwest). I basically just sat back and listened as they discussed:

  • Ronnie James Dio. They open up the show improvising “Rainbow in the Dark.” I CRY OUT FOR MAGIC!
  • Daryl is the new Josh. It’s a theme song theme.
  • Years (YEARS) of acrimony between the Bollweevils and Smoking Popes.
  • The tour the Popes and Bollweevils did that led to the acrimony. There were Nazis and drive-bys.
  • Josh has a great laugh.
  • The devil’s lettuce has got the best of Denis.
  • 88 and Bollweevils just played 350 Fest. Next up: The Popes and 88 will be at T1 Fest together in November.
  • Denis is known as a “bear” in the picnic basket community.
  • “88 will get you home every time, baby.”
  • People kept texting Josh during the recording. We learned after the fact it was because there was no audio on the live video feed (it’s been fixed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5ynQqCnSpg
  • Daryl and Josh coordinated outfits for the recording.
  • We made plans for Denis’s death, going as far as to plot out who’ll deliver the eulogy.
  • See the Bollweevils at Liarpalooza.
  • Car Con Carne needs to do another haunted house episode.
  • Josh was erroneously crowned most-frequent guest of Car Con Carne. A post-show review of the logs shows Tyler Wildey (Epic Deli) to be in the lead.

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