Revenge of the Dreamers (Contest of Challengers)

Revenge of the Dreamers (Contest of Challengers)e’ve got a (potentially) big event happening tomorrow and neither of us know what to expect. It’s a surprise drop of the comic book tie-in to Dreamville and J Cole’s “Revenge of the Dreamers III”. We tell you how this came about and what we’re expecting for the day. And if you don’t know Dreamville or J. Cole, it’s okay; we didn’t, either. 
House of X #1 was released this week! It’s exactly what we wanted it to be and doing what we wanted it to do!
But… will the next 6 books in the “Dawn of X” era do the same?
Patrick got a new toy and you get to hear it. 
Listener question about story arcs vs stand-alone mini-series.
Brian Michael Bendis was on the Late Late Show with Seth Meyers.
Caroline Cash is coming to Challengers! And also some guy names Nike Morton. Or something. We may not be sure of his name but we know he sure likes pugs.
Apple is changing the classifications for several podcast categories, including ours!
And… and UPDATE to the Dreamville event!
Okay, you know what? Shove it up your arse.

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