Brothels, Chuck Berry and listener-dating: Author David Himmel is ‘The Last DJ’ (Car Con Carne)

Author David Himmel joins me for tacos from Turbo Taco (2050 N. Milwaukee). We talk at length about the radio business and Himmel’s excellent radio memoir, “The Last DJ: The Life and Times of a 20-Something Oldies Radio Disc Jockey.”

Discussed in this week’s episode:

  • David is a customer of the Autobarn Mazda of Evanston!
  • Breaking Bad’s one bad episode: We disagree on this one.
  • David’s unabashed love for the art of radio.
  • The three things one needs for a career to work: Opportunity, education and money.
  • The perils of an office romance: “It’s stupid.”
  • Working on radio promotions with area brothels.
  • Radio parents will never understand what their kids do for a living.
  • That time David went on a blind date with a listener.
  • David’s ideas-in-development for future books.
  • Why would any true Chicagoan wait behind a velvet rope to pay for a nightclub experience? This is a tavern town.


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