Don’t Rent Next to Us– We Sell COMICS! (Contest of Challengers)

The perception of Challengers to the non-comics population. Apparently we are a business for neighbors to be warned about.
The ComicsPRO Annual Meeting is happening right now, and we’re not there! But retailers and publishers alike are making plans to save the industry, so let’s talk about that!
Specifically DC Comics and BOOM! Studios, and not Marvel. Marvel is NOT helping.
Marvel has 115 single issues of comics coming out in May (that does not include variant covers or graphic novels).
Yes, Queensrÿche does play a role in this week’s episode, but not with their music.
Surprise Friday store visit from Patrick’s Dad! He hasn’t been to the store in 4 years!
Ashly cleaned the hell out of the store today! We mean, someone has to now that Donovan is gone.

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