Why We Don’t Have What You Want to Buy (Contest of Challengers)

Why We Don’t Have What You Want to Buy (Contest of Challengers)
We’re 2 days into our annual sale and people either take full advantage of it or don’t even realize there IS a sale.
It seems Marvel trade paperback collections CAN be made better and less expensive… but they’re not.
Aside from a little warping, the Kaijumax Deluxe Hardcover is an amazing achievement in deluxe collectibles. Everything we ever wanted and more we didn’t even know we needed!
Getting back to the sale, people sure will go to some lengths to get what they feel they deserve.
Have you tried the new Daredevil #1? It’s REALLY good. No idea why the whole thing was “classified” by Marvel, but you should probably read it.
Are secret identities even a thing in comics anymore?
We’re sorry we don’t have what you want to buy, but also we’re not sorry.

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