Ho-Ho-Ho-ing Our Way Thru the Season (Contest of Challengers)

It’s a Christmas episode! Just by the fact that it’s recorded in late December. Also, Santa has a cameo, and so does Stan Lee.

  • Another long-running comic shop is calling it quits.
  • Santa came to hang out and spread some Holiday Cheer this Wednesday, and he made a video to remind subscribers to pick up their comics. And then we decided to share it with other stores…
  • Marvel’s Stan Lee tributes make selling those comics just a little bit harder.
  • New Comic Releases for the next 2 weeks are kind of weird; the content and the actual shipping dates.
  • An audio transcript of the ‘Email Primer’ we’re giving out to all subscribers in 2019.
  • The Christmas Eve release of the newest Dogman graphic novel.
  • #joinin
  • And, unlike the Aquaman movie, this episode has a post-credits scene! (Aquaman has a MID-credits scene, but not a POST-credits scene)

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