88 Fingers Louie visits Krampus haunted house before heading to Costa Rica (CCC)

Denis Buckley and Dan “Mr. Precision” Wleklinski of long-running Chicago punk legends 88 Fingers Louie join me for a trip to “Krampus: A Haunted Christmas,” a Christmas-themed haunted house on the site of the 13th Floor haunted house in Melrose Park. It was incredibly well done, and we wish it was year-round.

Discussed in this week’s show:

  • Mr. Precision rigged up the CX-9 like a recording studio.
  • The tactical decision to go with Chipotle instead of Bakers Square.
  • The awesomeness of the Krampus haunted house.
  • We think the haunted house could be year-round, and we imagine what a St. Patrick’s theme could look like.
  • Why did all the ladies of the haunted house fall in love with Mr. Precision? Was it his hair? His hammer?
  • Laugh tracks are added in post.
  • With this episode, Denis makes his fourth appearance on Car Con Carne… but he’s not in first place.
  • Sandwich idea: “Thank you for being a vegetarian special.”
  • The band’s getting ready to head to Costa Rica, something that never happened in the band’s first run.
  • Mr. Precision’s remixes of 88’s old albums: Was he hearing stuff the fans weren’t hearing? “Knowing as much as I know…. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on it.”
  • If you like Schlong, you’re gonna love 88 Fingers Louie.
  • THE FIRST CAR CON CARNE “REMOTE” IS COMING! Lots of guests planned for 12/22!
  • 88’s upcoming gig in the lilac village of Lombard on 12/21, opening for the mighty Pegboy.
  • Denis’s audition process to join 88 Fingers Louie: Mr. Precision doesn’t remember much.
  • Park Ridge landmarks: The Sandlot wasn’t always the Sandlot.
  • Remembering the Fireside Bowl.
  • The mature 88 Fingers is the best 88 Fingers.

Mentioned in this week’s show:

Traci from Hot Lips Messiah
Josh Caterer from Smoking Popes
Tyler Wildey of Epic Deli
Schlong, the band
Daryl Wilson from the Bollweevils
Take the Reins
Julia Shell

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