Sunshine Boys eat vegan food under the ‘L’ tracks, talk about ‘Blue Music’

Indie rock trio Sunshine Boys (Dag Juhlin, Freda Love Smith, Jackie Schimmel) jumped in the Mazda 3 for vegan food from Veggie Grill on this week’s episode.

Discussed this week:

  • “The vibe is kind of like Chipotle, but the food is all vegan.”
  • The next Sunshine Boys release: Nashville Hot Chik’n?
  • Dag and Freda’s earlier bands (The Slugs/Blake Babies) were in circulation at the same time “back in the day.” Were they aware of one another back then?
  • The fertile creative ground of Monk’s Pub.
  • The brilliantly-named “Sex Ritter”
  • Is it easier or harder to find kindred spirits in music as you move further along in the music world?
  • The Chicago “L” makes a lot of appearances on this episode.
  • The debut album “Blue Music” and the vinyl release show happening at Montrose Saloon (11/24).
  • Is crowdfunding the new model for musicians?
  • Why won’t anyone let Sunshine Boys cook and do a house show for them?
  • Freda’s a freaking Blake Baby.
  • The music of “Blue Music.”
  • Dag is fierce when he throws down his rap battles.
  • Dag’s tacos fell apart at the very beginning of the meal.
  • Sunshine Boys are playing the WGN-TV Morning News on Black Friday.

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