Don’t Yuck Somebody’s Yum (Contest of Challengers)

Patrick talked to Aubrey Sitterson and Chris Moreno about The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling. And the recording turned out to be virtually unlistenable due to technological issues. So… Patrick recreates the conversation entirely in his voice, minus most of his actual dialog. Sound weird? It is! But it was too good of a conversation to not share. Now it’s a monologue!
Bonus: the actual nigh-undecipherable interview is included. Sorry, Aubrey! Sorry, Chris! Curse you, Pamela (the program; not a person)!
Including: The democratizing of opinion sharing; “Worth”, their previous graphic novel collaboration; pro wrestling, of course!
Not mentioned: Aubrey and Patrick each wrote dialog for Mike Norton’s “Battlepug” and for the same characters!

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