The Guts of It All (Contest of Challengers)

Just like episode #177 from 4 years ago, Patrick is recovering from surgery so Dal has to work every day. That leads to asking if time away makes one like comics more or less than being at a store all the time?

If we become millionaires (outside of comics retail, of course) would Challengers still exist?

Trying to keep all-ages single issues in stock.

So far there are 2 Christmas gift-worthy graphic novels for the season.

There are so many Tillie Walden books available!

2 comics of note this week are Exorsisters #1 and Shuri #1.

If you like Monstress, do you want more books like Monstress? Or just more Monstress?

We held 3 events in the past week.

Dal recaps his Ace Comic Con experience.

Are you excited for DC’s new creative teams on some of their core characters?

Is John Byrne coming back to the X-Men?

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