‘This car doubles as an iron lung’ – Eating vegan food with author Ashlee Piper (Give a S*it) – CCC

Car Con Carne, presented by the Autobarn Mazda of Evanston, heads to the Ravenswood area to meet up with author/vegan/sustainability expert Ashlee Piper (Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet.) Given Ashlee’s background, it made sense to meet at  Urban Vegan (1601-1603 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613).

Discussed on the show this week:

  • My first guest for a new sponsor has a book with profanity right in the title.
  • Did I mess up when I went grocery shopping? Did I do the right thing by going to a farmers market? Preparing for Ashlee made me paranoid about everything.
  • Ashlee isn’t perfect: “I am a fallible, flawed human being.”
  • Ashlee brought her own containers for carry-out from Urban Vegan.
  • We recorded the show in the handsome and badass Mazda CX-9, courtesy of the Autobarn Mazda of Evanston.
  • New word alert! Ashlee breaks in two for the podcast!
  • Vegenaise is the “Lord’s sauce.”
  • I’m a saucy sandwich!
  • I eat my meal from Ashlee’s family silver.
  • Eating meat is super hard on the environment.
  • Ashlee’s Buzzfeed quiz: “Which ethical vegan are you?”
  • We make about 4.1 pounds individually every single day. “That can’t be right.”
  • I don’t like farm shares.
  • Recycling tips
  • What good can one person realistically do?
  • “We live in some trying political times.” “I haven’t even noticed.”
  • I’m an asshole for using a straw.
  • Ashlee on the Mazda CX-9: “This car is legit.”
  • Tales of a branded Mazda 3, and the family conflict it created.
  • The Ravinia crowd: “Those people don’t get me.”
  • I refuse to double dip.
  • I stay parked with semi-famous local people.
  • It only took Ashlee three weeks to write “Give a Shit.”


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