Chicago band Parker ignores the smell of I-94 to perform live in the Mazda 3

Up-and-coming Chicago band Parker (Devin, Trevor, Patrick) jumps in the Mazda 3 outside the iconic Chicago hot dog stand Jim’s Original (1250 S Union Ave, Chicago, IL 60607).

Discussed in this episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile (the official cell provider of Car Con Carne):

  • Every time I say the band name, I want to say it like J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man comics: “PARKER!”
  • Parker’s roots, dating back to the first floorboard-shaking house party.
  • The EP (Never Growing Old) –
  • Uber-producer Adam Krier (AM Taxi, Lucky Boys Confusion), and Parker’s “cold call” way of hooking up with him.
  • Parker’s lyrics and the emotional/personal ties of “My Prayer” and “Never Growing Old.”
  • The supportiveness of the scene.
  • Am I an “old timer?”
  • That robust scent between the Mazda and 94? It’s not a Maxwell Street Polish.
  • The slightly challenging Google-ability of Parker.
  • The band also turns in a jawdropping, stripped-down version of “Never Growing Old.”


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