Marvel doesn’t know how to make comics for kids. (Contest of Challengers)

Sneaky secret shoppers are apparently a thing.
It’s the time of year where more mentally challenged people roam Chicago streets.
The San Diego Comic-Con is happening as we record, so we’re going over a bunch of new comic news. Or, other news that has an impact on our business.
Wizards of the Coast are raising prices on Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons product.
IDW will be publishing all-ages comics featuring Marvel Comics characters. Apparently Marvel doesn’t know how to make comics for kids.
Kelly Thompson is writing Jessica Jones. Gasp! We had NO idea!
Donny Cates is overseeing the new Marvel Knights MK20 line.
There are a ton of new Spider-related Marvel comics and Batman-related DC comics heading our way soon.
Oh, that DC Universe “Titans” trailer…
Just lots more announcements and what we think of them.

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