Die! Robert Kirkman! Die! (Contest of Challengers)

Whoops, that header is a mistake. It should read, “DIE!DIE!DIE! by Robert Kirkman. Darn typos.
“That’s not what I would do if I put a gun to your head.” is an actual quote from this episode.
Lots of FF #1 covers are coming out. We’re not ordering them.
Marvel has several non-announcement teasers leading into San Diego.
So many good comics came out this week! X-23 #1! Superman #1! She Could Fly #1! Amazing Spider-Man #1! Nancy Drew #2!
New event announcements! Mike Norton “Lil’ Donnie” signing and Word Balloon recording! Batman Day 2018!
MURDER FALCON! That title says it all.
As predicted on this very podcast 2 years ago, a major publisher stealth-launched a brand new comic book series by big-name creators! But… did it work?

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