A Comic with a Point to It (Contest of Challengers)

Wrestling mouthpiece Jimmy Hart is coming to Challengers this Saturday!
This was almost the week that Patrick retired from comics retail.
Nancy Drew and By Night are 2 new excellent comics that both started this week.
Marvel resurrects both Iceman and the Unstoppable Wasp, both with their previous writers.
Exactly what pushes each of our retail buttons.
Oni’s “Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns” is a great resource in comic form!
What does the (possibly) looming UPS strike mean for future comic deliveries?
More on the Game Stop comic experiment.
Ultimate Comics in North Carolina had all 3 stores robbed in the same night.
Marvel is set to be producing 3 monthly Conan comics in 2019.
Geoff Johns is out as CCO of DC Entertainment. Perhaps due to AT&T buying Warner Bros.?
Tom King’s upcoming “Heroes in Crisis” mini-series looks completely amazing.

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