It’s Not Your Fandom; It’s Only For Me (Contest of Challengers)

Hyping up the Nerd Cred!
This episode is an official Public Meeting.
The new West Coast Avengers comic looks great!
The Kessel Run vs the Kobiashi Maru (and I am not looking up the actual spelling of those).
Some of the new Marvel #1’s look great. Some do not.
Thundercats Roar is a thing. Thundercats + OK K.O.! + Adventure Time + Steven Universe.
What Dal wants from the DC CW shows next season.
The Dark Nights Metal soundtrack is still happening. Soundtracks to comics can be fun. You know, like Acid Washed.
Mark Millar wants the first (and only) printing of The Magic Order #1 to be a collector’s item. At any rate that comic will look great.
This is our last chance to pitch our SPECTACLE Release Party with Megan Rose Gedris.
We close with Acid Washed performing “Acid Washed” from the ACID WASHED EP.

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