This Podcast has 10 Variant Covers (Contest of Challengers)

Probably the last time we’ll talk about Action Comics #1000. This time, how the Midnight Release went, and how it compares to previous midnight releases.
It sure seems like Marvel wants a piece of DC’s Action cover success with all their upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #800 covers (with still more to -be-announced). Too bad they’re going about it in a way that doesn’t help build excitement.
X-CLASSIFIED, written and drawn by CLASSIFIED starring CLASSIFIED sure isn’t the way to solicit a title.
We really like Esad Ribic’s art, but not his cover to Fantastic Four #1.
Lots of new customers in this week couldn’t find our New Releases.
INFIDEL #2 is as good as #1, and THE DAMNED #9 is so good! As is BE PREPARED.
Michael Kupperman has “All The Answers.”
We think our Book Party book club revival is already coming to an end.
Helping a colleague work thru his upcoming venture’s early issues as part of a brain trust.
Genre-racking was as good of an idea as we hoped it would be.

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