Kristina Cottone performs in-car, eats delicious Mexican food from El Metro Catina

Kristina Cottone (along with Honey & the 45s guitarist Jon Gould) joins the show for a stunning in-car performance and a magnificent Mexican dinner from El Metro Cantina (1959 Chicago Avenue, Chicago).

Kristina and Jon play two songs in the Mazda 3: A solo Kristina song (“Ukelele Summer Love Song”) and a Honey and the 45s song (“Come Back”). We’re then joined by El Metro Cantina co-owner Dan Andrews, who fills the car with El Metro menu items that the band and I will be talking about for months to come.

Please visit El Metro, and see Kristina live. She’s doing a solo show on April 21 at Gman Tavern, and playing with Honey and the 45s April 28 at Subterranean.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Honey and the 45s’ history, starting as a folk acoustic trio and winding its way through its current sound (“it’s bluesy, it’s soulful… “).
  • The new Honey and the 45s song “Speak,” which took shape when Kristina jumped in an Uber.
  • El Metro co-owner Dan jumped in the car with a TON of delicious food. His story about meeting one of the future co-owners is like something out of a storybook.
  • How authentic are El Metro’s recipes? They flew two people in to ensure the food’s authenticity.
  • The tacos were gorgeous: A gigantic tilapia taco (“it’s really a popular taco for us”), a rajas taco (poblanos & cotija cheese), the El Metro taco (bacon, dates and ribeye steak), the picadillo taco (ground beef, cotija cheese and bacon), Alambre (chicken, turkey ham, peppers, beets and carrots).
  • El Metro’s version of elotes which I want to go back for RIGHT NOW.
  • The parking meter-reader comes by and I have to reload my app.
  • Veggie soy chorizo flautas: Awesome.
  • El Metro proudly provides napkins with every meal.
  • The merits of a good horchata.

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