Happy Birthday Baby Girl (The Daily Life of Frank)

It time for Episode #27 of The Daily Life of Frank presented by Geena Doherty’s “Dessert First.” This week Frank talks about his Triple B weekend which included his daughter’s birthday party, bowling, and Buffalo Wild Wings. Speaking of his daughter’s party he talks about his green lime shirt, why Jewel made him mad, Binnys saved his marriage, Scooby Doo, and much more! He also talks about Loyola and if he knew about Sister Jean he would’ve picked Loyola to go a lot further. He also shares a story about how his wife rearranging furniture caused him to have a flashback childhood that he didn’t want to remember. Speaking of his childhood, Frank talks about his Easter past including an Easter Bunny promoting hygiene, and his cheap Grandma. All this and more this week on The Daily Life of Frank!

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