By the time you hear this, change will have occurred. (Contest of Challengers)

But, what? What is changing?
Fine, we’ll tell you. We’re making some pretty big layout changes, while not moving any of the furniture.
We’re about to turn 10 (but please don’t congratulate us until it happens)!
We get pretty detailed as to how these changes were made, all the math behind the scenes.
We voted early! We hope you’re going to vote, too (if you live somewhere where voting will occur).
There are a few more new title announcements this week (yup, again), including a new round of DC/Hanna Barbera crossovers that look SO fun!
Why is the new Laura Kinney (All-New Wolverine) comic called X-23?!?
Patrick thought we’d briefly mention Toys-R-Us and then move on, but that turns into, like, 20 minutes on them.
2 new really good horror books this week, INFIDEL from Image (really moody and creepy and modern) and VAMPIRONICA from Archie (just fun, and gorgeous). Horror comics are the new black.

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