Getting the Led out: Led Zeppelin 2 at Nighthawk

Bruce and Paul (Plant and Page), of world-class Led Zeppelin tribute band Led Zeppelin 2, join me for a special show recorded inside Nighthawk Coffee Bar and Tavern (4744 N. Kimball). Food this week is from the excellent Hot Dog Station (4742 N. Kimball), whose Chicago dogs and mushroom/swiss burger capped the recording off perfectly.

On this week’s show (brought to you by Boost Mobile), we discuss:

  • How Led Zeppelin 2 started
  • How Paul and Bruce became the thing they hate
  • “Black Stabbath,” their first tribute band
  • We achieve consensus on what the best Zeppelin album is
  • The steady growth of Led Zeppelin 2, from the House of Blues to Israel
  • Blind Willie Johnson’s take on the gospel song “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”
  • The band’s approach to covering Zeppelin: It’s less about the studio versions and more about the live presentation and vibe
  • The importance of stressing the band’s Chicago roots
  • Should Led Zeppelin 1 have one more go at it?
  • The Chicago-style dog: How hot dog places should be judged

Thank you to Nighthawk for the hospitality and for just plain kicking ass.

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