Baconfest: Saluting ’10 years of the greatest pork geniuses in Chicago’ with Paulie Gee’s (CCC)

Baconfest is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and co-founder Seth Zurer jumps in the Mazda 3 to talk about this year’s even. Joining us is Derrick Tung, owner of Paulie Gee’s in Logan Square. Paulie Gee’s pizzas are amazing. Go there soon. Tell ’em Car Con Carne sent you.

In this week’s episode, presented by Boost Mobile:

  • The Boost Mobile Mazda 3 getting spotted in the wild
  • Paulie Gee’s pizzas. We try the “Big Bad Wolf,” which includes three types of pig
  • The benefit of lots of facial hair: Finding sauce in your mustache hours later.
  • The monthly “Logan Square” special – It’s actually a square. This month’s Chinese New Year-inspired pie is a showstopper. And the edge of the pizza? “That’s all cheddar cheese.”
  • What do a Paulie Gee’s ingredient, Seth Zurer and pornography have in common?
  • The history of Baconfest, now including 150 restaurants in its 10th year!
  • The beauty of Baconfest: Access to amazing chefs, kickass food, and IT’S ALL BACON.
  • The challenge of drinking beer at Baconfest.
  • “Exuberance can be your enemy” at Baconfest.
  • Derrick talks about preparing a dish for Baconfest.
  • Why is Baconfest “The Burning Man of bacon?”
  • What do Thor and Baconfest have in common?
  • Some of the new Chicago area restaurants participating in this year’s Baconfest. Shout-out to Peckish Pig.


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