This Is Me (The Daily Life of Frank)

Get the hell out of my way, there is a left over gyro in his fridge, and please don’t tell my doctor. It’s Episode #22 of The Daily Life of Frank presented by “Geena Doherty’s Dessert First!” This week I recap the huge snowstorm, falling icicles, and Valentine’s Day. I also share why I am not happy with NBC’s coverage of The Olympics but I am happy with their show This Is Us. Thank You Roman from Stylz and Roman on US99 for getting me addicted. I also talk about growing up during the Lent and why I am afraid of the Easter Bunny. I also talk about why I possibly am turning into a toddler and why I am going to win Dad of the Year. I also pay my respects to Commander Paul Bauer and the victims of the Florida school shooting.

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