Thanking 88 Fingers Louie singer Denis ‘for being a friend’ (CCC)

Denis Buckley, frontman of 88 Fingers Louie, joins me for tacos at El Cid II (2645 Kedzie).

Discussed this week:

  • My first experience with El Cid, during a particularly reckless period.
  • Denis’s celebrated return to El Cid
  • The long-awaited new 88 Fingers Louie album, “Thank You for Being a Friend.”
  • The band’s recent European tour (“in some ways it felt like a week had passed since the last time”).
  • My experience at Harley-Davidson’s Riding Academy (my left/clutch hand is still numb… should I be concerned?).
  • The amazing (well-deserved) round of reviews the band’s received for the new album.
  • Why I’m not a “malaka.”

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