August 2017 sales may be up the tiniest bit, but, up is up (Contest of Challengers)

03 Sep 17

It’s a Secret Empire post mortem, and then a look-ahead to Marvel Legacy.
Dal wants to start hosting gaming nights. First up, Marvel Munchkin!
Kirby Centennial and John Siuntres event recaps, and a brief look at all of September’s events. There are a lot.
Patrick (and Jon Drawdoer, Tim Seeley and Ryan Browne) talked to the mentors of Chicago HOPES for Kids to help them understand how to use comics in their mentoring of underprivileged kids.
SPINNING is out now! Perfect for those just growing out of Raina’s books.
August 2017 sales are up the tiniest bit over August 2016.
Over 10 minutes of *bonus* Moviepass conversation.

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