Chicago’s Soda Tax: Necessity or Nonsense?(The Objectivist and The Vegan, Ep. #40)

In this episode, Steven (The Objectivist) and Jack (The Vegan) debate the new Chicago/Cook County “sugary beverages” tax (and, as you may have guessed, some sparks do fly because of their different worldviews!) Also: Jack sings Leonard Bernstein, Steven visits Urinetown, and much more!

You can see Steven as Mr. McQueen in Greenman Theatre’s new production of “Urinetown: The Musical” from Sept. 22nd to October 15th! For more info, visit Greenman Theatre online.


Find “The Objectivist and The Vegan” on FB:


Steven’s website is and, from there, you can access this very podcast, his blog, books, and be informed of all his other projects!(including his newest book:

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