Dragondeer makes Chicago TV debut on JBTV (JBTV Podcast)

On this episode of the JBTV Podcast, Jerry chats with Dragondeer from Denver, Colorado as they make their first TV appearance!

Playing their first ever show in Chicago as well, Dragondeer take Jerry and the fans through the stories behind all of the psych-blues songs they performed on the JBTV stage. The band first kick things off by talking about their formation, and what inspired them to finally add a bass player to the line up even though they’d originally just been a trio with no bass. Although it was Dragondeer’s first show here, one of the members grew up in Chicago and reminisced about watching JBTV back in the day, and they also bond with Jerry about music that gets them through the hard times. Tune in to find out what the band has to say about politics and to find out what they grow in their home garden back in Colorado!

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