Interview w/ Steve Stoliar, Author of ‘Raised Eyebrows’ (The Objectivist & the Vegan)

In this episode, Steven (The Objectivist) and Jack (The Vegan) interview Steve Stoliar, a writer, producer, film historian, and author of “Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House,” in which he catalogs how a naive young man who wants to shake the hand of his hero becomes that hero’s assistant! Also: Mae West in white! Margaret Dumont gets “made”! The life and times of Erin Fleming! Stoliar meets Lansbury, the stenographer(?)! and much much more! (Visit Stoliar’s website for links to his book and other projects.)

Find The Objectivist and The Vegan Podcast on Facebook and Patreon, find Steven (The Objectivist) and his books on his website, and on his ChicagoNow blog, From the Ego of Steven, and contact both The Objectivist and The Vegan by email.

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